"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun."

Ralph Nader, quoted in Linda Botts, ed., Loose Talk, 1980

Welcome to Forty4 Consulting, specialists in thermal modelling

Forty4 Consulting specialises in using the latest dynamic thermal modelling techniques to help building design and construction teams meet their energy, carbon and BREEAM targets.

Forty4 Consulting confidently delivers...

Forty4 Consulting started business in 2008 offering the construction industry an independent, accredited, proven and rigorous building simulation and design advice service; all delivered by chartered engineers with a background in services design now specialising in the use of IES dynamic simulation software.

Projects are delivered by qualified CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors. We are also experienced design engineers, Chartered with the UK Engineering Council and full members of CIBSE.